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Tropical Dry Forest

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Tropical dry forests, are located at tropical and subtropical latitudes. Though these forests occur in climates that are warm year-round, and may receive several hundred centimeters of rain per year, they deal with long dry seasons which last several months and vary with geographic location.

The tropical dry forest is a type of forest found near the Equator that has distinct rainy and dry seasons. Tropical dry forest can be found in some parts of Africa, South and Central America, Mexico, India, Austraulia, and tropical islands.

This biome has different types of dominat fauna (wildlife) and flora(plants). Tropical dry forests consist of tall, deciduous trees that predominate these forests, and during the drought a leafless period occurs, which varies with species type. Because trees lose moisture through their leaves, the shedding of leaves allows trees such as teak and mountain ebony to conserve water during dry periods.
The newly bare trees open up the canopy layer, enabling sunlight to reach ground level and facilitate the growth of thick underbrush. Though less biologically diverse than rainforests, tropical dry forests are still home to a wide variety of wildlife including monkeys, large cats, parrots, various rodents, and ground dwelling birds. Many of these species display extraordinary adaptations to the difficult climate.


The anual average temperatures of tropical dry forest are 24.3c based on research, on the other hand the average precipitation, based on research also, is 55 mm. It is generally warm year-round; it alternaits wet and dry seasons, and it alson consists of rich soil subject to erosion.

One dominant specie in a tropical dry forest could be a the hog deer for example. Deer are large herbivores which eat primarily leaves and twigs of various shrubs and trees. They also eat large amounts of acorns, beechnuts, herbs, mushrooms, and fruit. Wolves and cougars used to prey on deer by killing the sick, injured or old ones and leaving the healthy ones to breed. Human beings are now the main predator, but tend to take the best and leave the worst to breed.Deer have a stomach with 4 separate compartments to digest its varied diet. Long legs and cloven hooves allow it to run very fast and jump long distances and heights. The thin head and body allow for fast movement through vegetation. Their hair coat changes color twice a year for better camouflage. Deer communicate by tail signals, noises, and several odors. If this specie was removed from the ecosystem it would affect other species life, like the tigers. Big cats feed on several animals, specially deer, so if the deer vanished the tigers could have a possibility of dieing.

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